For Sale - Alfa Romeo 2.4 JTD Sport Wagon

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  1. My father-in-law has given up driving, so I have the pleasure of moving his car on, so just I just thought I’d check in on here in case anyone is interested before it goes on e-bay.

    It’s a 2002 Alfa Romeo 156 2.4 litre diesel JTD Sport Wagon, in light metallic green. Quite a special car, which to be honest he never made good use of the pretty fab performance and handling. He bought it as a demonstrator in 2002, dealer services all its life, 49,800 miles, MOT until end of November (no nasties on the MOT history at all.) If the garage said it needed doing, he had it done. Pretty gentle use through its life, but in the last few years he’s managed to scuff each corner so quite a few scrapes and scuffs around the edges. Located in Burnham, Bucks.

    If I had the space, I’d keep it and use it as a daily runaround.

    I’m getting some pictures this weekend. £800 ono.

    Any questions, please drop me a pm [​IMG]


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    Hint of interest , has the cam belt been done and if so when ?
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  3. Good question! I'm seeing him today, so will get all the paerwork/find out

  4. Picked up a big pile of receipts last night, so slowly going through it. Cambelt and clutch changed 6000 miles ago (2014.)

    Uploading photos in a short while :)

  5. Lots more photos available if anyone needs them :)

  6. Cracking cars I had the petrol one and loved it a shame you’re a bit far for me.

    Good luck

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