Fitting solar from scratch

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  1. Also spotted this one £240

    Screenshot_20181125-180432.png Screenshot_20181125-180515.png Screenshot_20181125-180525.png
  2. Are flexible panels preferred or will the fixed ones be okay. Fitting to a 76 westy pop top
  3. I’d go for the Giosolar with the Epever 20A controller. Then when you discover 100w isn’t enough you can add another panel and the controller will still be well within the theoretical maximum output of both panels. Although in practice it’s very unlikely two panels will produce 10 amps so the SRNE 10A controller would also handle two 100w panels.

    The 25 year power output warranty (from Giosolar) is something that I’ll look for next time.
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  4. The Westy roof is curved so either use flexible panels or space rigid panels away from the roof – they would be easier to remove if they fail but you might not like the look and they’d be more likely to be damaged on height barriers.
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  5. What's the best way to fit the flexible panels??
  6. If you read through all of this thread from page 1 you'll probably find out ;)
  7. I used Sikaflex 252i adhesive/sealant thinking they’ll never need to be removed – now I have to remove them.:rolleyes:
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