fitting new units to van advise please

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  1. Hi all just bought some nice units for the van .problem I have is they are to wide for my three quarter bed .do I narrow them down by about 3 inches in width which means taking them apart and reducing the width but if I do this then I wont get a fridge in because the depth for the fridge will be to shallow .or do I find a bed that fits and replace all my newly upolsterd cusions mmmmmmmmmmm
    just need some reassurance before I start hacking away at a grands worth of units
    cheers all
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  2. TBH you should of checked the dimensions of the new units before buying them. However how bad would the fridge be sticking out three inches? I guess the door will be easier to open. A small price to pay compered to new upholstery.
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  3. Just trim `em down , better than sorting out a complete bed THEN having to get the upholstery done and fit it ...

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    If you look at a lot of interiors (mine included) you'll notice that the units from behind the drivers seat to the end of the rock n roll bed (when it's down) are wider than the units towards the rear of the van.
    Can't remember the exact measurements but the forward units are deep enough for a fridge and the rearmost ones may only be about 18" deep.
    I'll see if I've got a pic of what I mean. If I do it'll be under the name bobinpeterboro because tapatalk hates me and likes to make my life difficult .
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    Sorry, none of those are really showing what I wanted. Trouble is when I have to select a photo to post it shows me all my photos at about 1/2 inch square so it's difficult to actually see what the picture shows without posting it first.
  9. Its quite a simple decision. What do you want the outcome to be? No need to compromise if you stick to the plan. What interior have you bought? What needs doing to it and do you have the skills. If not then get someone on board that does.

    Pics of units might illicitsome useful responses from "those who can"
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