Fitting a JK screen washer pump

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by lawts0908, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, I have just bought a washer pump kit from JK. I comes with no instructions or advice. Has anyone fitted one of these? if so how did you go about it and did you need a non return valve? Thanks in anticipation!
  2. they have the answers in the q and a for the product on their site. I doubt you need to fit a non return valve?
  3. Many thanks for that, I;ll take a look.
  4. We didnt need one when we fitted works fine for us and does the job & it doesnt take the water all that long to reach the screen. If you feel you do need one, I guess it could be added at a later date
  5. Many thanks for that. Where did you put the pump? I'm thinking about drilling the left hand bracket that supports the bottle and mounting it under the bottle near to the feed outlet so that it is gravity fed. Did you use your old hoses? Does the JK hose fit to the little outlet/inlets or do you have to drill them out?
  6. What makes you want to replace the existing sleek and silent (plus quirky and fun) system?

    You do know the pump will whirr irritatingly loudly? Specially if it's clamped to the metalwork. Think I'd be tempted to chuck it in loose under the bottle on something soft - bubblewrap or something. Normally in a car these are in the sound deadened engine compartment. I had one on my first bus (came fitted) and never again...

    This is just my opinion, but there are certain things about T2's that make them different and interesting. Air-cooled engine in the wrong end is the obvious one, but the pressurised window washer for me is another one. :)
  7. Ours was the kit with the motor fitted into the bottle, we just did a like for like swap from old to new, popped a button up with the other switches & viola, worked a treat
  8. I fiited the JK kit to ours, I didn't use a non return valve and mounted the pump on the bulk head next to the washer bottle, the wiring is dead simple , I will take some pics tomorrow and post on here if you like

    Mark :)
  9. I've been playing with my stalks this weekend and spotted that there is a switch activated by the wiper stalk when the old air valve was activated... albeit the wires weren't connected to anything at the base of the steering column. I've popped some wires in and will hook them up to the feeble pump the PO installed and see if this returns me to a nice factory setting....

    My only thought is why hasn't anyone else spotted the redundant wiring in their vans!?!?! unless, these wires are supposed to set the wipers going?

    Fiddling also managed to free up the wiper stalk so it now has an extra position that does absolutely nothing!


    ('75 - 76 Deluxe BTW)
  10. Hey Zed,
    Many thanks for your post, I quite agree that you should always consider keeping things original and I'm all for it.
    The only thing is that the old air system didn't seem to last very long and the other day, one of the hoses burst and filled my shoe with soapy water for the next ten minutes (much to the amusement of my kids!) That prompted me to buy the JK kit as I didn't fancy a repeat performance half way down the motorway. It is an important bit of kit from a safety point of view too - especially in this current weather! Not much fun trying to steer whilst looking thru a square inch of clear windscreen!
    It makes sense not to have your hoses pumped up to 45 psi waiting to explode!
    My conscience tells me otherwise tho......
    Many thanks for the posts guys, sorry for the delay - I haven't been on-line for a while.
  11. Ha-ha - horses for courses - prob just needed some new pipe though. I don't pump them above 25 psi for that reason.

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