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    Is that you grimacing at the window
  2. A black 1971 Triumph 2000 mkII was my first car. Loved it. It started overheating after a while and lots of abuse. I remember driving through London (before the M25) with the heating on full blast in summer just to try to stop it overheating. The caramac-coloured vinyl seats didn’t help the situation.
    Eventually I had to replace the head gasket during one of the coldest winters on record at the time, maybe 1981/2?. Did it one night with fellow apprentices while away training in Bletchley Park when it was something like -17c.
    Great car though. Straight six with overdrive on 3rd and 4th. Three of us apprentices had them, one was a ‘68 markI with leather seats (I was always envious of those) and shark nose, the other was a horrid burgundy colour mkII with cross-ply tyres that drifted at the slightest provocation.

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  3. I had to have a moggy traveller because my dad said so and he was buying it because his mates at the garage at gpo telecoms could get parts n fings . Was a laugh driving it and have few good times:oops: in it . Dunno why he was worried it went for ever and easy to work on , but free tyres etc came in handy . 1960 80 mkl .
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  4. No - it was my daft digs mate Terry ( wonder what happened to him?)
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  5. I had friends that owned an Avenger.
    They emigrated to Aussie at very short notice, drove the car into the lock up garage and just left it there.
    Five years later they returned, fitted a new battery, pumped up the tyres with a foot pump, and off it went like nothing had happened! That's what I call reliability.
  6. My first car was a 1937 Austin 10 Cambridge, dark green and black cost £20 in 1964.
  7. 20 quid!! You were robbed!!
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  8. More than you could ever was a real case of 'did they kiss you, cos. they really fu*^ed you'!!
    But I learned a lot about cars from that one.
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  9. I don’t. It’s a heap, but it stops and goes as it was designed to!
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  10. Madness sang about that one..
  11. 3B2DA282-845D-48BB-9699-3C1BAB879C4F.jpeg
    Very comfy that’s all I remember

    Ohh and rusty :)
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