Firetec fire extinguisher

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  1. I have a firetec at the moment but I was thinking do I actually need it once I go subaru.

    What don't really think I needed it with air-cooled as I maintained and checked everything regularly but it was cheap so had it as a belt and braces.


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  2. Something I've always wanted to know, how do you know these things are set up correctly and more importantly are working, it's not as if you can test them, unless you set your engine bay alight
  3. Keep it. What's the harm?

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  4. Keep it
  5. It's like with any fire extinguisher, as leave Ng as it is showing in the green and t is in date for its inspection then it's ok.

    I actually used one a few weeks back and it worked fine.

    Same as an airbag in a car or a seat belt pre tensioner, you don't know it works until you have to use it.

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  6. I need the space really. I can relocate it I suppose

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  7. Should I get one? , how much ?any good?
  8. Mine is still in after my scooby install I assume the change of gearbox is the need for the extra space.
  9. Not really the gearbox, just where I have it installed is where I want to put the coolant bottle. I will try and keep it but just relocate it

    You can just about see it too left at the moment[​IMG]

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  10. Moons

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    Yours is exactly where mine is....are you running two batteries as my expansion tank is where the leisure battery would go.
  11. Yep two batteries, i will try and mount the coolant bottle in the firewall I think

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  12. You can see both fitted in mine in the back left hand corner ... or is that the front corner
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  13. scoobie porn! looks nice! assume it goes nice too
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  14. yes it does ... transformed my bus ... back in love with my camper but dont tell monkey van westy bike :D
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  15. Thats where im going to put mine!
  16. What the scooby engine
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  17. The expansion tank bottle!
  18. You know what is going to happen if you sack off the fire extinguisher! Keep it, Subaru's run on petrol the same as VW engines
  19. I know, I'm being a silly billy
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  20. Moons

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    I think anything with a gravity fed fuel tank that fits above the engine is worth that extra layer....I put mine in after the conversion.
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