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  1. As the title suggests, I'm after advice and thoughts on the use of filler primer. Never used it before so don't know what to expect from it, ie what kind of coverage of say, sanding scratches it will give.
    Over to you knowledgeable lot.............
    Cheers, Karl.
  2. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    l find it quite thin despite being called filler primer. If you are trying to fill those annoying pin holes in filler l find knife putty the best thing. For slightly rough surfaces that need a little help it is ok.
  3. Cheers birdy. I was under the impression that it was quite a thick primer, but thinking about it, I guess it has to be thin enough to spray :eek: Do you just use it same as normal spraying??
  4. i used it on a few places and like birdy found it thin and didnt really do what i expected it to do. my old man used it years ago and when he saw it he said im sure it used to be thicker than this ;D
  5. Yeah I had been told it was quite thick, so you could put a good layer or 2 on, then flat it back, taking out minor imperfections. I'm now beginning to think weather it's worth the extra expense on more materials, or if I'm going to get the same kind of finish with say, 4 coats of normal primer rather than just a couple.........

    Any bodywork tips will be more than welcome.
    Cheers, Karl.
  6. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    It sounds like a bodge but l find if l need to use it l spot spray on a particular area that requires it only. You may get a few runs but that's what thumbs are for.....for wiping that away :)
  7. filler primer is coat on coat primer ..not a filler as such ....its always been quite thin ,but is alot thicker than topcoat or basecoat .......
  8. Are you guys using a celly or 2pack system?

    But filler is thicker than standard primer... it covers better, and does give you a base to flat down for that ultra smooth finish...

    other thing to bear in mind, is that you really need to be using a 1.6 to 1.8 nozzle in your spray gun!!

  10. you can use a organic vapor mask... but you would have to get a full face one, as the 2 pack attacks your tear ducts... or it used to, not to sure about the newer/current paints
  11. full headgear with airline ....cellys =2 tissues up ya nose and mouth closed ...ya still get rushes tho ....remember them days when spraying furniture
  12. I used to spray 2 pack wearing an s10 respirator

    Sweaty work but safe as houses
  13. I have a query about this. I went to my paint supplier and asked for high build cellulose primer, which I assume is the same as primer filler, and got plain ordinary grey primer. Later when I queried it they said because of the limitations in supplying cellulose paint this is all there is. Have any of you found this to be so?

    It's quite thick and sprays 50/50 and I've tried rolling it neat.

    As to a mask, I've put myself out of action too many times breathing bad stuff so I've got an industrial quality Sundstrom mask with a filter for dust particles and another for dust and paint fumes.
  14. Hi build celly needs a lot of coats. 2-pac is far far better and thicker, but a bit harder to sand unless you fork out for the £40/ltr stuff. 2-pac also happy to be sanded dry.

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