Fibreglass repairs??

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  1. now you’re gonna like this one...

    Some of you may remember my sliding door (rhd 1974) is made of fibreglass!
    No one knows why but it’s been on the van since before I bought it years ago. Someone once said they were an Aussie thing.

    Anyway, the sheer weight of the door dragging down on the metal fixtures has meant the door has been gradually cracking around the fittings for years. I now think there’s not much time left before it gives up.
    So the question is does anyone recommend someone who could repair the door so it can properly bear its own weight again?
    Or does anyone know of a proper metal door worthy of being restored? I’ve looked around and what I’ve seen don’t look very easily repairable.

    Not sure what route to take.
    All opinions gratefully received as ever!
  2. RHD sliding doors do come up in the for sale section on here but they are few and far between.

    FBI VW is a port of call I would try but bear in mind they are importers and are more than likely lhd only ones
  3. I would just get it repaired/strengthened. Have you thought of finding a boat builder/ repairer? Lots of folks have dinghies and small yachts made of fibreglass and they have lots of metal fittings built in to them.

    There must also be small firms making panels and hulls and other forms in fibre glass. Seek them out.
  4. I would suggest Branfibre in Banbury- they do good boat repairs and I think they have done motor home repairs.
  5. Years ago you could get replacement sliders in fiberglass, it could be one of those.

    I'm sure a boat repairer could do something with it.
  6. You can use epoxy resin and woven fibre glass fabric on polyester resin to create stronger repairs. Polyester resin ( car repair resin ) does not stick properly to old hard polyester resin.
    You can create stiffeners by using wood or foam with epoxy/glass over it.

    Just remove paint and roughen surface where the epoxy has to stick.

    My steel sliding door has cracked from slamming too.
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  7. Thanks for that tip Mikedjames - does that apply to westy roofs too? I was planning on just using the isopon p40, but I’ll have a closer read around now!
  8. Still awaiting quotes/interest from boat repairers.
    I noticed a 74 rhd van with an early door today. Do the early doors fit?
    I’m still looking at either fixing mine or replacing, so if anyone sees anything suitable let me know!
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  9. Weird that last post made no sense as it auto corrected....
    Have changed now
  10. davidoft

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    I have an early sliding door needs a small lower repair, which I can carry out if it’s of interest
  11. thanks
    Do they fit lates?
  12. This door is likely pretty old. How would I decide what to use on it?
  13. davidoft

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    With all the mechanism which is on this

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