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  1. Will a night storage heater fit in a Punto?
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  2. I don’t think the suspension of a Punto would support it. They’re effing heavy.
  3. jivedubbin

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    Is your heater broken
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  4. Yes. How do mend a broken heater? The Bee Gees have been asking.....
  5. In any case, is the Fiat Owner the follow up to the Fiat Uno? And does it rust before your very eyes like most Fiats?
  6. One likes a nice fiat owner , here’s snotty and bazza out for a jolly
    E5D0BD75-9553-44F2-8FDD-2B00AF410C8E.jpeg That was bazza with his grey wig yar
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    No body knows
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    I’m a Fiat owner :)
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  9. Me too. Had loads. What is the issue exactly. Is it the motor? It could be the heater motor resistor. VERY common.
  10. Can you give me some more Details of what it is not doing. Is the motor working or is it just not blowing warm air? The most common cause of the heater not working in fiats is the motor resistor. It is usually fitted up under the dash behind the glove box. It is an awkward but easy job. Otherwise and not very common is that the motor fails. That is a BIG job.
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  11. Think your find it’s a spoof thread if you read above ^^^
  12. Just thought somone actually needed some help with a VERY common fault.
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  14. I hope he's not that common.

    One Barry Haynes is enough for this planet!;)
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  15. Only 1% of threads are serious .....
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  16. It was a joke thread to start with ;)...
  17. Not quite Steve , forums without humour don’t last very long but this one helps but with humour too ,which is what helps sales and people in need . I may joke but will try to help if I can or will point someone to someone who can if I can. Here’s a list of posts today . I think your percentages will be proven wrong of you look . Reading the beginning of a post is common manners as ploughing in and not doing so can be as damaging as a joke or waisted breath! 2029C1FB-DB9A-4B69-A4B5-A6C7BBB01C1B.png
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    Speak for yourself, he's nothing but a shandy drinking southerner to me.
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  19. What are you doing with that peanut butter, Don :eek:?
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    Fiat ..... Built by robots....... Driven by Italians.

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