FOR SALE Fiamma bike rack - tow bar mounted

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  1. Securely mounts onto the towball so can be used on most cars / vans . Easily removable so doesn`t have to be permanent and could be transfered between vehicles if you want to .

    Haven't used on my camper as it doesn't have a tow bar but i`ve seen them used on T2/25/4 and 5`s


    Folds flat for storage and has all the correct arms /straps for securing two bikes .

    Looking for £85 .

    Collection from West London (TW11) or possible delivery to techenders .

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  2. Any offers before evilbay ??

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  3. Will it take more than two bikes? As in has it got room to add more rails?
  4. Sorry @pkrboo - there's only enough room on the platform to fit two bike rails . Maybe bigger platforms are available ??
    Dunno .....

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  5. Poptop2

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    £50 and bumper at techendenders?

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