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  1. Put that flooring and lovely curtains out of your mind for a moment, and tell me this. Re the rear locker: there's the rear roof brace that the back roof hinge is attached to, with the two catches on either side. Does the front panel of the roof locker butt up against the rear edge of the roof support, if you get what I mean?

    '78 Devon Moonraker: @scrooge95 , @Kkkaty . Come on gals, give me a clue. Think it must do, actually.
  2. Can't remember, I'll try and remember to have a look when I get home in the morning.
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  3. If I’ve got what you mean right, then the front panel of the headbanger is attached below the roof strengthening bar thingy.
    Having said that, my Devon is the pop top version rather than a moonraker, but I’m sure even Devon wouldn’t remove more than one roof bar. Would they??!

    Apologies for the photo quality, but it’s 5am and I’m on me way to a car boot sale!
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  4. Mine is the same as Sarah's above. But complete with manky chipboard. It hits the roof frame and drops open all by itself against the catches that hit the speakers.
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  5. D1360598-66D4-4020-A5D0-A19B1A71B53F.jpeg
    Do you mean this bit?
  6. My door drops open if I sneeze while driving, or a midge hits the windscreen.
    Why does everyone call them windshields now? It’s so annoying!
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  7. That’s Devon quality! Don’t slam the brakes on or you’ll be decapitated by a flying table top.
  8. Anyone got a pic of the locker hangers? Mine are in the garage...somewhere.
  9. Panic over. Found them. Well, found one :(

    Final Q @Kkkaty : could you measure the thickness of board in your cupboard? Thickness of the door will do :thumbsup:
  10. Arg! I’m in Devon, not with one. Can it wait ten days or so?
  11. Lol. Not important! Happy hols!
  12. if i remember i can look tonight :thumbsup:
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  13. @snotty. Somewhat related. I'm building our westy style locker. Does the rear edge of your locker sit flush underneath the lip at the back of the van near where the rear hatch hinges are?

    I assume this is where it should go as any lower would block the view out of the back of the van (plus there doesn't seem to be anywhere else to attach it).
  14. Yes, it’s flush. On the Devon crap, the rear edge is rebated/routed down to about 5mm so it’s thinner, and it’s badly attached with self-tappers on the very edge of the frame, just in front of the seal lip. So the base of the locker is effectively level with the upper edge of the tailgate frame.

    The locker’s suspended by metal hangers at the sides, which hook over the side frames. The nauseating vibes from the curtains help keep everything in place.
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  15. I just kept it open when I fitted mine. I wear a vintage Bell crash helmet just in case.
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  16. Cheers. I'm going to attach mine at the back in a similar way, and as I have the westy bed boards above I'll just attach it to that at the front.
  17. Best way to fit it is to drill clearance holes on the rear edge of the locker, prop it up, then drill starter holes into the frame. Then they all line up.

    There’s a set of drawings - I’ll try and find them - that give the dimensions of the Devon locker base. Might be useful for a Westy as well, at least at the rear by the hinges.
  18. I've already got some hefty holes along that edge, presumably from a previous headlocker that I may try and re-use.
    I've pretty much got the base template sorted now I think, bit of a slot for the hinges and then a bit of a curve to follow the rear corner. Much faffing with a scribe.
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  19. That's a...plank.

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