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  1. PM me your address mate, and I'll pop it in the post :thumbsup:

    a quiche 6s.jpg
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  2. He’ll cover it in gravy :thumbsup:
  3. One step at a time, Baz, one step at a time...
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  4. I like Higgidy pies :thumbsup:
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  5. So do I :thumbsup:

    Do you not get funny looks eating them Oop North?
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  6. Nah. Just pretend to be a Southern tourist with effete ways. Fools em every time.
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  7. Oh dear!! It look like the cat and the dog both had a terrible accident :rolleyes:
  8. Lol. I thought the same - looks like it's been eaten once already :eek:
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  9. Just showed it to Mrs C she said .......... This is a family forum :)
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  10. "Pavement pizza"?

    You've put me off it now.
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  11. Mrs C says she is not surprised :)
  12. I'll tell you what it was like tomorrow, after I've eaten it. I might get the gravy going...
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  13. Snotts, egg and chips (gravy) , egg and bacon ( gravy if you must) , egg and sausage (gravy :)) buùuuuut eggy flan :gnome: thats just wrong !!!!!!!!!
  14. Egg and chips? No. Just no.
  15. Wtf is that:eek:
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  16. Snotts, chips in your egg, if you don't like that your proper not right :gnome:
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  17. I'll let you know tomorrow tea time. If it comes back up, it'll look much the same...
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  18. Chip-dipping is perfectly acceptable, even in the South.
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  19. I thought this was a classic car forum:p
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  20. No that's a "Docker's omlette" to be found for free in any town centre after about 11.00 pm on a Friday night :thumbsup:
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