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  1. Most people would be allergic to them :eek:
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  2. If you cough when having a wee you get wet feet.
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  3. No human in the history of time has ever cooked the right amount of spaghetti. It’s either enough for a toddler or Pavarotti.
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  4. 100g per person. You’re welcome :cool:
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  5. Front door?
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    This is so true and my Mrs is Italian. Always too much, so she puts more on everyone's plate and hopes you don't notice.
  7. This is why Italian ladies end up the size of a house.
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  8. Your foot is the same length as as the distance between your wrist and your elbow on the inside of your arm...
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  9. You must have feet like Coco the clown :eek:
  10. An inch is the width of the average (male) thumb.
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  11. I'm just enjoying imagining everyone testing that one out :thumbsup:
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  12. The only reason women don't do as well as they should as Architects is that men keep telling them that their thumbs are equal to nine inches
  13. Ex-Barnsley player scores for Posh which means supper sunny Barnsley promoted :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
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  14. Ive read that before somewhere
  15. Your only 5inches out.
  16. Me too!;)
  17. Try it...
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    Dana Carvey - the navigator on Blue Thunder, is also Garth from Wayne's World.

  19. If you're a sparrow ;)
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    Toni Basil was 38 when she shot Hey Mickey in 1981

    She is 76 now.
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