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  1. You can go onto the BBC website and get playlists from all their programmes.
  2. :eek:
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  3. Very true and I do this often if I’m say, in the car, and can’t stop to write down what the song is. I still find SW massively annoying for many reasons. Lots of people don’t of course, its just that I do :D
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  4. You need the amazing Shazam app on your phone. Hit the button and it listens to a snatch of the track then tells you everything about the song. Hit another button and you can download it to your phone.
    Sorcery- but a good kind.
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    It's not just you... I can't stand him either! Though to be fair, most radio presenters are incredibly annoying after about 3 mins...
  6. It’s quicker to walk to pur local hospital to book an appointment, than it is to ring up and book one.
  7. You can't jump in the air and break wind at the same time. Your abdominal muscles are in the wrong position, apparently, although I don't doubt @Barry Haynes has tried it.
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  8. It takes two to tango.
  9. It’s funny you should say that, I told the scaffolders I was going to jump and pass wind at the same time they shouted
    “ you can’t”
    at least I think that’s what they shouted :p
  10. If you burp and fart at the same time, the void in your stomach causes a ripple in space/time continuum ,and in a parallel universe, a camper van de- rusts.
  11. Funny that. My old neighbours used to shout at each other. When she called him that (she was South African) he’d shout back “I Can!”.

    One day there was one hell of a racket coming from their house, shouting, screaming, then some loud banging.
    Then just as we were about to go round it all went quiet. Next day we found out No-one had been murdered except a wasp - they’d been chasing it round the bedroom with a squash racket.

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  12. My mate used to live in a tower block in Addington, one morning after having a blazing row with his wife he went downstairs to the bus stop and waited for the bus to work, his wife came out to the balcony and shouted down at the top of her voice
    “ your nothing but a c*^#”
    he turned and said to everyone in the bus queue “ listen to that, image being married to her”
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  13. Ingredience on back of jar of peanut butter , says may also contain nuts :eek:
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  14. Priceless....
  15. just get down the doctors and tell them
    I think I’ve got Factoid s
    And he will give you some ointment for um:)
  16. Factoid - you don’t actually read words when you’re reading, your brain recognises the letters/words and orders them as it thinks it should.

    I’ve got a dig bick!!

    See, you that read wrong.

    That too.
  17. It’s true :eek:
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    Hindlip Hall police headquarters in Worcestershire once hid four of the gunpowder plot rebels in hidey holes who were all later executed.

    It was going to be the seat of government in the case of London falling in the Second World War.

    It now houses the police and fire service.
  19. That’s what’s written on my underpants :thumbsup:
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  20. Do they also contain nut butter?

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