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  1. Like a bit of Steve Wright in the afternoon:cool: especially Factoids.

    what Factoid do you know?
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  2. Gorilla penises are only 2” long.
  3. I toid with fiction
  4. Daddy long legs venom can kill a man but they can't inject it!
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  5. I'm not a Gorilla!

    Just re read that, mines 2 cm :D

    Off the floor
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  6. Stand up then :)
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  7. Mosquitos kill more people than any other animal on earth.
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  8. Barry Haynes has two pairs of Tottenham Hotspur pyjamas.
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  9. :eek:
  10. More people in Africa are killed by quiche than by lions. Or was it hippos?
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  11. Oh god. I think I might be a gorilla.

    Oh no hang on. It’s alright. They are about six ft and I’m only 5ft 7. Phew.
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  12. You’ve not tried my wife’s cooking.
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  13. No way, I’ve never worn pyjamas in my life:thumbsup:
  14. @snotty used to work at London zoo, his job was to hold the gorillas pencils while someone else measured it, he said the pay was Marmite but the sharpeners were massive:eek::eek:
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  15. Thats probably why they all left :)
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  16. I use Anusol on my factoids:thumbsup:
  17. Are you here all week?
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  18. Try the veal
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  19. The feeling of ‘Deja Vu’, is caused by one image being sent to the brain by one eye,milliseconds faster than the other vision, sent by the other eye, usually when turning your head,thus creating an ‘unsure memory’ sensation, making the brain think ‘have I been/see/done this thing,before?’.

    Di I win the fiver?
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  20. That's because they sharpen the hell out of them .
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