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  1. Just watching the Melbourne build up to the start of F1 2019
    Is there an official Thread on here yet?
  2. RIP Charlie whiting.
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  3. Whs... terrible timing!

  4. Nooo..!
  5. Just seen the news what a loss to F1
    RIP Charlie
  6. Anyone watching ‘F1 drive to survive’ on Netflix? Watched episode 1 of 10 last night. Not bad.
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  7. I’ve watched 2 or 3.
  8. Listened to the race this morning sounded good it was funny how the top runners all wanted that additional fastest lap point
    Bottas seemed a bit worried he would have to give way to Hamilton but 25 secs he deserved his win
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  9. Will watch this afternoon but going by qualifying I might as well watch last years
  10. Did I hear..
    someone overtook someone else..:eek:
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  11. Probably not - it was just a dreeeeam .
    F1 is a great spectacle but ...
    MotoGP is where the REAL racing is at , real as in no holds barred

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  12. The point for fastest lap shows up how much they take it easy during the middle of the race perhaps that's why it got boring
  13. My Sunday afternoon nap is back.
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  14. Caught the highlights, not a bad race by F1 standards.

    Good to see Bottas with some hunger. He’s obviously been out in the woods all winter. If he’s up for a fight that could make the championship tasty.

    The bonus point did provide a bit of extra sparkle at the end. We know these cars can go faster but the economic rules about having fragile tyres, 3 engines and 1 gear box for the whole season will dictate this.

    Hamilton still has a propensity to whine. If he wasn’t such a good driver he’d be proper annoying!

    Ferrari do not appear competitive at present, which I like! Shame that they clearly have team orders, LeClerc could have beaten Vettel today.

    McLaren must be rueing the decision to ditch the Honda engine now! I’m hoping Chuck Norris wasn’t just racing on adrenaline this weekend and is showing the potential in that McLaren

    WTF was going on with Vettels top lip lady pleaser?
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  16. No that's @Terrordales job !
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  17. Must admit i had a double take :rolleyes:

    I reckon he`s cultivating the full `psych-out`....


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  18. I should remind you of the wonderful mo in your avatar!
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  19. Has anyone heard from Don recently I miss his comments
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  20. His is mere bumfluff compared to the `Earl of macho`tachiness` .

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