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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by simmo111, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. late bay front caliper £70 from euro car parts
  2. ... do you know what brand it is? I need replacements and there is a 7 week wait at VW heritage
  3. there ATE callipers, pt number 133550071, 133550081 its £223 inc vat for the pair and then you get £80 back for your old callipers= £71.50 per calliper ;D
  4. ... nice one - well worth the saving
  5. try megabug mate ....
  6. the only callipers they have that i could see are for beetles
  7. megabug online has sod gotta phone em ...they have everything instock ,even got rare 2nd hand bit n pieces...i mainly use them for everything ....blinding service,blinding owner,blinding prices.....when i buy parts the bloke always gives me tips on quickway rounds and what is what ....not that you need it with a vw bus ....
  9. yeah id rather poo in my hands and clap ......looooool.....jk only missing oers=JoKers

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