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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Harryankle, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Hi
    I'm having a couple of issues with my engine
    Here's a vid
    Any suggestions please
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  2. Yo,

    Try wiggling the fan shroud back and forward could be the fan hitting / rubbing on the shroud

    Also the second turn of the key is how they work or at least mine always requires two turns to start every time.

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  3. Try removing the alternator belt to eliminate that

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  4. I've taken the belt off and it's still there
    Always used to start first time
  5. Strange mate ... bottom pullie catching tin ware?

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  6. I'll check
    But pretty sure it's clear
  7. Nothing rubbing
  8. Hi dude
    The starting could be the ignition switch starting to wear out
    Or a slightly hesitant starter solenoid
    Try cleaning up the contacts to the starter motor up along with the battery leads and the gearbox earth strap to see if it makes any difference.
    The rattle is hard to tell from the video
    However I've had a similar noise that turned out to be a slight exhaust leak.
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  9. Thanks I'll try those
    Also I'll check the exhaust , should I replace all the seals and use sealing paste?
  10. All seems ok, thanks for the info though
  11. Do you have a piece of fuel hose or vacuum hose with a bit of length to it?
    Don't take anything apart yet

    I could do with having a chat with you about a new coat at some point dude

    But let's sort your problems first
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  12. I have some hosepipe, I'll check later for fuel pipe
    Let me know about a coat :)
  13. I could do with a dinner jacket if you have one ;)
  14. Just waterproofs and outdoor stuff sorry
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  15. Once you've done a stethoscope search around the engine with a piece of pipe or a screwdriver, just go carefully because you have to look away when you put it to your ear, this will give you an idea of where it's coming from, oh it works. Guessing it's not fan or shroud or alligator if it's the same with belt off.:)
    Next thing I'd try, start him up and run for a minute or five so he's pretty warm,then turn him off and scuttle straight underneath and have a feel of your starter motor but feel it gently without grabbing it, try and hold the back of your hand about a quarter of an inch away to get an idea of how warm it is. If it's been stuck on it'll be hot and you'll feel how hot without touching. DON'T just grab it just in case it is ouchy ouch ouch type hot. :eek:
    As for the clicking, something is starting to wear in the switching side of your starting circuit. Could be this could be that and usually it's the ignition switch or a relay like your solenoid. Do yourself a favour and wack another relay in the noisey cupboard and make yourself a hot start relay mod. It'll take a lot of the strain off an ageing lecky system. Unless your solenoid is virtually toast, this will sort it. Check your solenoid just by being close by when some one else hits the starter, just near the back wheel on the offside should suffice. It is well worth taking off all the leads around the battery, the earths including the box, plus the starter. Do them individually, clean just quickly for grime then have a real good look at how they fit as in tight or loose and check how they're crimped and look for green grunge in the ends of the cables. Then clean them up properly and refit and if you are very very old, then chuck on some Vaseline once fitted and working properly, and not until then. If it looks gungy, then remake the end and the connection :cool:

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,,, Have a listen near the thrust bearing too :)
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  16. Just had another listen to your vid, and maybe put your stethoscope pipe up to the rocker covers and have a listen to your rockers. Sticky valve maybe or just loosened tapper. Anyway good excuse to set your tappers as soon as it's cold. Also have a look in your dipstick oil residue for shiney bits.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,, hard from a vid :)
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  17. You want to be looking for signs of soot around all the exhaust joins especially where they meet the heads
    Use the pipe as a stethoscope to have a listen around to see if you can find the noise but be careful not to get it caught in the fan belt etc
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  18. Dipstick ok, noise lessens once the engines warm , but can be heard from both rocker covers and by the oil strainer
  19. No soot, exhaust seems ok
  20. The starter didn't get warm so seems ok
    I'll do some googling on what the thrust bearing is
    Thankfully no sign of an alligator in there

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