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  1. Hi all
    I'm at the mid stages of my restoration and am now thinking of the work needed on the engine. The van came with a running 1.6 type I'm considering changing to a 2 liter engine and my question is if I did would I have to change my existing gearbox.
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  2. Might need a change of bell housingvand starter.. and possibly a drive shaft . I've got a 3 rib and a type 4 on the crewcab so its doable...

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  3. I would also ask yourself the question whether it might be better to change to a 1776 Type 1 for which there are 100% new parts available.

    That is rather than a Type 4 which although a better and more robust engine has much less choice of new parts, with things like engine cases not being available new (although you shouldnt need one unless somebody cracks the dreaded oil strainer boss) and a greater ability to fry its cylinder heads compared with a T1.
  4. I slung my 1600 and had a very simple mild 2.4l type-4 built. Previously had a 2l type-1 but compared to type-4 the cooling is crud.
  5. Thanks.. I might have a rethink and upgrade what I have.

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