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  1. hi all, I am after some advice as to how much my engine and gearbox are worth. I am currently out of work and need funds to pay some bills, so may be looking at selling my engine and gearbox. the engine is a 1600 tp and came out of my earlybay. the engine was a replacement by vw in the late 70 or early 80s, was informed this by the previous owner, and has the vw astrix marks on the engine case. the engine is currently in my beetle and drives fine. would be looking to sell as a complete turn key ready to go engine. the gearbox as far as I know is a standard earlybay gearbox. any info on how much these are worth is gratefully welcome!!!! I know it is from my prototype, but hopefully I can get some figures!!!

  2. Are you going to cut holes in the floor of the beetle and make it like fred flintstone ? why not just sell the beetle?
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  3. the beetle needs a bit welding, new heater channel and maybe new floorpan on one side and couple of other bits. I still have original beetle engine that blew up in the summer so will rebuild that over time. just need to raise some funds short term, so just asking what would be the right price, in case I need to sell.
  4. Is the engine standard with single carb, points and condenser, vac advance dizzy OG Airfilter and so on?
    Any endfloat or oil leaks? When was the clutch last replaced
    Loads of further questions to be accurately provide a valuation of the engine - anything from £100 to £1000 depending on condition/state
    Gearbox similar questions apply - any whining or popping out of gear, what is the code on the box, any leaks and so on.
    Post some pics up of both if you arent sure.
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  5. thanks for the reply stuf. engine is standard as far as I know, points condenser etc, og oilfilter. will have to check what the gearbox code is. just looking for some figures in case I need to sell. thanks.
  6. Use Tapatalk and upload some pics of the engine - ive just sold an engine and two gearboxes so have a decent idea what things are going for

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