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  1. Just bought an endoscope for my phone from a well known internet auction site ( as they say on the tv .) ... hoping for hours of fun inserting it in various orifices!
    The app recommended by the scope is CameraFi which doesn't seem to recognise the camera.
    Has anyone got an endoscope and if so which app are you using ?
  2. I used mine a few times n sent it back marmite they are screen get covered :D
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  3. Mine didn't cost a fortune .....£ 5.50 inc postage from a nice Chinese man......but I hoped it might at least show an image on my phone screen !
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  4. I was joking but of course you know that. I can’t find mine , I can’t remember where I put it .
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  5. I bought a cheapo chinese one a year or so ago and IIRC that was the app i used, it was allways difficult to connect first time but then ok ish when connected, ive got a bosch one now and to be honest for the £250 ish quid the company spent on it, it's not amazing adequate at best
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  6. Any pics :D
  7. I’m surprised this post had received 5 replies with no innuendos :thinking:
  8. Of the cheapo chinese one, the new bosch one, or what i photographed with it ;)
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    An endoscope is a serious thing!
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  10. Try WiFi view.
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  11. Or buy the Stanley endoscope from Screwfix, use it, clean it up, then take it back for a refund. That's the traditional way :thumbsup:
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  12. If you stick it up your wotsit, then you've got an "in you endoscope".:)
  13. Thats very unethical ................................................................................................... I like it :D
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    Me too.
  15. Think back to your drug smuggling days, and use a torch ... You may have gone on autopilot and left it where the sun don't shine?
  16. Dang!
    If only I'd been here half an hour ago I'd have pipped you to the post :hattip:
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  17. I tried a USB endoscope camera bought for my PC on my phone and I tried many dodgy Chinese camera apps and none of them worked reliably on a Samsung S7.
    Plugged into an ancient battered Windows netbook it works reasonably well.
    But the camera lens is tiny behind a sheet of glass or plastic that gets dirty and scatters the light from the LEDs around the camera lens back into the camera. Its hard to get a good picture or interpret WTF it is seeing.
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  18. I’ll have you know I have no batteries , my eco ways will not allow , and as for smuggling , you been looking at my budgies :eek: how very rude :eek:
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  19. As a side note someone betty knows works at a firm that cleans the real ones hospitals use and it costs thousands to have them cleaned clinically :eek:
  20. _100775818_daley1.jpg
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