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  1. Hey,

    Just been through the MOT and failed on emissions. We tried turning the mixture control screw and by pass air screw, but this did not affect it at all? The carb had a rebuild kit fitted about 1K miles ago, and the points went recently so timing has been done. Can anyone suggest anything to bring the emissions down, even if just a short term fix to get it through the mot?

    For info I have a Solex 34 pict carb.

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    take it somewhere else, my emissions have never even been checked on mot, i dont know if he cant be bothered or because of its age its not required
  3. I think that may be because yours is a 73 and I believe they are exempt if before 75? Someone correct me if I'm wrong
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    I didn't think you needed emissions testing for a 75. Check the Department of transport website.
  5. Mine is a 79, so does need testing
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    visual only to 1975
  7. Take it for a long drive to get it nice and hot before the test. let them know you are doing this so that they can test it as soon as you get there.

    Check everything again... points, spark plug gaps and they are new or clean at least. check the settings on the carb and try and adjust if possible.

    Failing that you may need a rolling road tune up to get it just right.
  8. Someone suggested a fuel cleaner and a blast with some super plus fuel, so will try with that first. If not will have to look at the timing I guess??
  9. timing should be checked first, if it is off ifuel and fuel cleaner wont do any good.

    timing is a 2 minute check if you have a strobe light.
  10. Points were only changed three weeks ago, so would have thought the timing would be ok? but will check that first then.


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