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  1. To try and maintain domestic harmony, I decided to fit a light in the garage with a PIR so I can't forget to turn the light off !
    However the PIR wiring diagram has me flummoxed.
    Can someone on here enlightened me ?
    N is neutral, A is ??, L is....live or load ?
    Thanks in anticipation. ( sorry can't turn diagram around .)[​IMG]

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  2. Switched live
  3. ^this. If it's got the light built in, you don't have to worry about it. Just connect the live and neutral supply. If not, connect the external light to A.
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  4. Lick it.
  5. I have new light wired into lighting circuit in garage.....this is a stand alone PIR that I need to fit as a switch.
    Does the replies mean that A is the switched live ?
  6. Yes.
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  7. Don't forget to adjust your lux levels and timer or you'll have light coming on in the day and staying on for ages/going off after 30 seconds and flapping your arms like mad trying to get it to pick you up!
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  8. I’m always getting wrong for leaving the shed light on as well :oops:
  9. These new fangled circuit breakers let you do that......there's something to be said for natural selection!
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  12. Having briefly lived in Newcastle, “getting wrong” was one of my favourite expressions. That and “we’ll have a soon tea”. Made me smile.
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  13. Hadn’t realised that was a Geordie saying :thumbsup:
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  14. Its the Vikings.
  15. Sorted.....thanks for the input.....useful or otherwise......trouble is, if I just go into garage to hide, light goes out if I just sit and chill !
  16. Stick a switch in parallel with the PIR unit.
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