Electric washer pump from wiper lever?

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  1. Hmm, now that I think about it, this is the type I have, which looks a lot more tricky to fit a switch in there than what mr. snotty posted.... :thinking:
  2. My 1973 late bay, is the same.
    Fitted a small push switch in place of the two nozzles bit of plastic and used that to drive a relay. All fits inside the lever housing. The relay is mounted down beside the pump.
    Pump motors are very basic and surge a fair few amps on start up.
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  3. And if it’s any help I did the same in my prototype.


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  5. OK. I thought it looked a bit big :rolleyes:
    I like the C & K one you linked as it's only a 4.5mm hole.
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  7. Cool, ta, is this one a bit more powerful? Does it need a fuse inline?
  8. It’s more expensive so it must be better. :) But I really have no idea whether it’s more powerful or not. I don’t have separate fuse or relay on mine, the supply comes from a ‘fused live with ignition’ on the fuse box.
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  9. I used a pump from Lucas and it’s fine. Capable of throwing water right over the poptop. Take the pump supply via the wiper fuse. It’s overrated, but will be fine.
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  10. My usual plan!
  11. Lucas ordered :thumbsup:
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  12. Oddly, for a bit of Lucas kit, it didn't explode/expire after five minutes :thumbsup:
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  13. Should do the trick. Put it between the pump and the hose to the washers. Stops the hoses draining down, so your squishers work immediately.

    While you're at it, well worth fitting a "modern" wiper delay relay. They'll run the wipers for a couple of seconds after you've operated the washers. Very handy.
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  14. But Snotty, sir, unless you hold a good deal of Maplins stock over your fence ( likely given the quality of their suppliers) they are no longer available from that defunct store.
    In my junk I found a push button that did not have the wide flat top just a small nipple to press.. it fitted better in my pre73 style column.

    As for provenance I think mine came from Maplins in the 1970s, when we would walk past the changing rooms for school games on a Wednesday afternoon and go round a friends house and build electronics projects. It turned out the school staff always knew where we were as the friends mum told them.
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  15. My secret stash of '70s C&Ks. All "Made in USA". How times change :(...

    a ck switches 6s.jpg
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