Electric washer pump from wiper lever?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Blue Bertha, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Has anyone here hacked a switch for an electrical washer pump in the wiper lever? So that when you pull the lever, it activates the electrical pump instead of the pressurized system? (1973 model)

    Is that even possible? Or is an external switch somewhere on the dashboard the only option if you want an electric pump?

  2. Yep. Easy enough. I’ll post a pic tomorrow. Well worth doing.
  3. davidoft

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    Late stalks have them built it already, there’s a mod to fit a micro switch into the early stalk
  4. Here y'go, on a later ('78) stalk. I used a fancy C&K pushbutton I had, but anything will do. Washer valve removed so the little white lever operates the switch instead. May have to drill the mounting hole out a bit - watch the nylon moulding doesn't crack!

    Well worth doing :thumbsup:

    a washer switch 6s.jpg
  5. Like I needed another job to add to my list :rolleyes:
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  6. Can you recommend a suitable switch kind sir? I don't know the wattage of my washer motor but it's the standard replacement from JK I think. Apologies for the brazen hijack.
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  7. Same hear just take your time drilling the hole so not to break it
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  8. Any Maplin-ey style pushbutton should do. The contacts are probably underrated - the motor could take mebbe 4-5amps at a pinch - but you're only operating it for short periods. The motor will likely overheat before the switch gives up. Try not to buy Chinese junk (difficult these days). A useful addition is a non-return valve in the washer hose, so they squirt immediately.

    Next step: delay wipe. Get wiring, Mark!
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  9. I know I know.
    1. Finish LAST bit of welding.
    2. Paint underside.
    3. Finish wiring diagram.
    4. Do wiring - probably the bit I'm most looking forward to.
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  10. Nag, nag, nag ;)...
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  11. The 73 switches are the paddle type ? Surely you wont fit a switch on there ?
  12. I've got the one linked above on a 73 paddle type
  13. Got any pics please ?
  14. I didn't take any while I was doing it, can you see them from underneath when fitted?
    I seem to remember drilling very slowly and carefully and keep trying the switch, it's been a while but it's definitely doable.
  15. No I don't think so, this is the correct 73 switch [​IMG]
  16. I can't seem to find one. I don't want the wires etc as in the link above , just the switch. In the absence of Maplins, where's the best place to look. Not even sure what to search for - 12v pushbutton micro switch? I'm worried that it'll be too big.
  17. Something like this? Plenty on fleaBay, can't vouch for the quality. All Chinese toot.


    Or this?

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  18. Yep, I drilled into the bit that pushes on the hose. I think the switch came with a set of instructions. It was a while ago. Might be worth having a punt at the switch or email the guy and ask if he has a how to.
  19. EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thanks
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