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  1. hello

    I’ve been given an electric chainsaw with no manual. It doesn’t have any oil in it and I’ve got so many oils in my shed. Can I use any of the following instead of going out and buying yet another type?

    Motor bike oil
    Jack oil
    Gearbox oil
    Deisel engine oil
    Classic car oil.

    If not I’ll go buy some.


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  3. Beard oil works well
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  4. Screwfix’ll sell you a bottle for not very much. Or just use 30 grade motor oil.
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  5. Go down the snake oil route.
  6. I bought an electric chainsaw recently. It was guff. I was quicker using an axe.
    I returned it and got a refund.
  7. I bought a little pole chainsaw, and it was surprisingly good. Don't know how long it'll last, though.
  8. Chainsaw oil!!!! Its to lubricate the chain. If run without, chain overheats and much knackeredness of it and the bar will ensue.
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  9. Piotr?
  10. Jerzy. Jerzy Chainsaw.
  11. Is that the Canadian Jersey Boys?
  12. Couldn't agree more but can you put chainsaw oil in a type 4 engine?
    I've got 5 gallons of the stuff which will probably be enough to saw down all the trees in Yorkshire.
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  13. I use old engine oil...:hattip:
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  14. What kind of old engine oil?
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  15. Up North they use lard, I believe.
  16. Im a tree cutter it's my job. If your into the heavy hard wood with big saws you need thick bar oil. It gets hot .you need that sticky stuff....
    ..if your trimming or some small log cuts , I've used anything from olive oil to sunflower oil and everything in between. When I was desperate...Just make sure after you run it for more than ten cuts you readjust the chain cause it's new and will stretch. And watch out for the chord...! Wear glasses , gloves , and a long sleeve shirt.!
    Here's a photo of me giving you the thumbs up .
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  17. Fantastic. Cheers for this. Better look up how to adjust the chain. Thumbs up to you too. :thumbsup:
  18. Tighten the chain .after running it for a while . Grab it in the middle , top of the bar .and pull up (with gloves on .please) and it should have a little tension on it .it should only go about 1/4 inch before it snaps back on a 16 inch bar . Take a screw driver or metal file .with your right hand at a 90degree angle And push the chain forward from the housing of the saw with The brake off. Should ride snug but smooth on the bar .
    once again Wear full leather gloves , glasses and a long sleeve shirt .!(I've seen a lot of sh/t happen)

    Mine cuts like butter . I'm using a Stihl ms200t . I run 45to1 mix . And used this saw day in and day out . For years . Still screaming . I ported the exhaust though .Secret is ,is to remove the plug after each job and pour gas down it . To remove the carbon .
    Here's a vid of me . Etc . I don't have many videos . But whatever.
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  19. To see what happens when it goes wrong tap up the Idiots With Chainsaws channel on YouTube. Up to episode 7 or 8 at least.
  20. Electric chainsaws are rubbish
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