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  1. Mines not maybe it's the gearing.
  2. It's the only thing that puts me off and it's not a big deal for most. My Type-4, as said earlier, is a reaction to the characteristics of my first effort rather than a subaru. I expect the subaru has plenty of power further down the revs for tootling about, but when there is more at higher revs it's a bit hard to resist knocking it down a gear or two isn't it? Yours certainly goes like the clappers when you boot it, faster than mine I would think... but I still prefer mine, not sure why. :)
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    That's how scooby engines are. They red line at about 7000 rpm.
  4. Not disputing that fella, just saying mine has a good torquey power band from very low revs in 3rd which powers through to high revs. Feels like my old vr6 although not as powerful :)
  5. For £5k that couldn't have been a std rebuild...?
  6. No it wasn't a standard rebuild, it was for a higher than standard spec but not too much.
  7. Mine was about £3k starting from scratch inc powder coating stuff.
  8. Wasn't that mates rates :)
  9. It was "No idea how much to charge you" rates adjusted a wodge upwards by me.
  10. Well you lucked out then. :)
  11. Dunno really - I lucked out with a 2L engine for £500 that made a good base and provided tinware etc.
    £1200 of parts. :thinking: I better adjust up to £3500. Still, not bad in this day and age.
  12. Yep good price I would suggest. My quote was for engine rebuild/upgrade and fit it in the bus. As I had nothing type 4, I would of had to buy an engine, tin ware, carbs, exhaust etc. Hence why I chose scooby as that was £5250 all in.
  13. Yes and of course I did all the powder coating, parts sourcing, building up and fitting and it was a lot of work.
  14. Wish I'd known my engine was shagged. I spent a small fortune getting it tarted up to find out engine was shagged when I got it back. Engine bay painted and then a rebuilt engine has cost me a lot more that the £5,250 you paid and your now laughing.

    Should have just cut me losses and gone down this route.
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  15. I had a lot of bad luck with my "recon" gearbox though, that cost me a packet but all is good now. I could of probably bought a rancho with what that cost me to fix twice lol. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
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  16. So it is - 1955cc T1, 2025cc T1, 2413 T4.
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    What's up with yours @Razzyh, I thought it had recently been sorted?
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    The earlier engines (with the finned rocker covers) are more torquey.

    Wheels size and gearing does come in to it - but by their nature, 16 valve heads tend to need revving more.
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    i missed that too, i thought paul had worked on it.
  20. What I mean is if I had known it was shagged originally. I'd have just scooby'd it. I spent quite a bit sorting leaks and getting tinware powder coated so thought I might as well carry on spending money and get engine rebuilt. It's at that point I should have cut me losses and gone scooby.

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