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  1. jivedubbin

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    You can now be from the east or west as well as north or south.so if you don't like the north or south label and are looking for something else draw a line down the middle of your road atlas and see where you are ,simple.
    I'm on the west coast .nearly
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  2. Good question, Northampton is either the very east of the East Midlands or the very west of East Angliao_O
  3. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    you can't be both.Find the middle and your sorted
  4. bernjb56

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    East Cheshire I believe :cool:
  5. West Lancashire - we're just 10 miles from the sea
  6. Im West Sussex
  7. Terrordales

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    I was born in the west, moved south, university in the east.
    Is it any wonder I'm confused? :confused:
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  8. We're in the East.
  9. I'm east of west and west of east :p
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  10. North West is always best!
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  11. I'm definitely north west and about 50 metres from the sea, saying that sometimes the sea gets to the bottom of my driveway so nearer than 50 metres.....
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  12. That's a bit too close for comfort for me - we are only 10 metres above sea level so we could be at the seaside if levels go up a few metres
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  13. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Mod

    Water frontage, your property value will go up.
  14. I'm in Surrey , probably not worth mentioning any other county

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  15. Only 500m above you then :hattip:
  16. People aren't getting this........ use the m1 to draw a line down the country. If you are left of the line you are in the west, if you are right of the line you are in the east. While I'm on it, if you live south of the Watford gap services you are a southerner, if you live north of trowell services you are a northerner and if you live in between these two services you are a midlander. Goodnight and god bless from a western midlander!
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  17. I am North Kent South East (confused)
  18. No need to be confused !
    Your a Southerner like us and we're just Cannon fodder to the Northerners

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  19. Your knowledge of the North is lacking! The M1 only goes as far as Leeds and Britain goes about twice as far further north of Leeds as it does south so how do you tell if a Northerner is from the east or the west? Perhaps you could start by saying that most of Scotland lies west of Bristol!
  20. That it then, we are north easterners!

    We live six miles north of Trowell Services and two miles east of the M1 between J27/J28 as the old crow flies

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