Early Westy style full width rock & roll bed wood sizes

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    hope these might help some considering making a full width R&R bed.

    These measurements were taken from @davidoft van ....which I believe used original early westy hinges .....when I made mine using early westy style copies, the dimentions were a little different (I'll re-measure mine and post them up too)

    I wont post up how I did mine as I basically copied @Dicky thread ....see link below for his full guide


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  2. Could I add that if you make the seat base 50cm dimension bigger you can make the bed longer.

    And not sure the best place to post this, but shuffling the position of the boards along on the hinge makes the overlap between the seat and back alters. If you push the seat base back, the backrest ends up higher and vica versa.
    I see Dicky has his like this
    And mine ended up a lot further back.
    Like this, the backrest has to be less tall so it still fits in in bed position, which is what I was aiming at, but it still ended up as high as ever, because however you do it, the top of the seat has to end up in the same place so it lines up with the shelf in bed mode. Doh! Luckily the cushions still meet in both modes.
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