Early vs late spring plates

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  1. I have just started installing the rear axle parts on my 1972 Devon resto. The torsion bars looked visually identical so I installed them and fitted the driver side spring plate, shock and brake drum etc. Moved on to the other side and the spring plate won't slide onto the splined bit of the torsion arm at all. It's almost as if the torsion bar is ever so slightly too wide. I count 52 splines on both the torsion bar and spring plate.

    I see on Schofields that there is an early and late spring plate. What's the difference and could this be my issue? I.e one of each on my bus?!
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  2. I think if your spline numbers are the same on plate and bar you're ok..it'll just need persuading.. earlier plates have 50 splines ? Crossdressers can have either

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  3. Thanks. I think someone may have damaged the splines on the spring plate then. Will have another go tomorrow but hitting it with a rubber mallet did nothing and the other side pushed straight on.
  4. There are 48 splines on the other end so shouldn't be wrong way round.. be carefull if they come out you can make small changes by turning rod one way and plate the other...

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  5. Tried it the other way round and it was loose. I don't have any reference marks as it wasn't on its wheels when I bought it. I have set the other side to 21 degrees, so hopefully it will be in the ballpark.
  6. We did that , as long as the plate angle is about that and same both sides it worked for ours

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  7. You should find 'L'inks und 'R'echts markings on the torsion bars. Place them appropriately..
    If you twist them backwards, the spring grain can unwind and the bars can snap apparently.
    If the ends dont go in, count the splines, file off burring..

    If they go in or on and rattle, one or the other part of the part where they contact needs replacing. ..hopefully not the centre casting as that would need a lot of welding...
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  8. A clout with a big rubber mallet got it on. Other side lulled me into a false sense of security by sliding on so easily! Thanks.
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  9. Gentle persuasion

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