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  1. I've ripped out a bathroom today and as yet don't have anything to put back in...

    Can anyone suggest where I can pick up bathroom furniture off the shelf as I need it finished asap as is a student rental place that has to be ready for tenants and be inspected by the 26th. It needs to be nice stuff but not top of the range.

    I thought we were just dong a normal suite but its all changed to fitted bathroom stuff without me knowing and I haven't ordered anything!

    not going to B&Q etc as they are arseflanges.

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  3. Surely if they're students, they don't need a bath? I did a 4-year degree and only changed me pants twice :thumbsup:
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  7. The sanitary ware I can get it's the fitted furniture that I'm struggling to source - you know back to wall W/C cabinet and sink cabinet for semi recessed sink. Just want shiny white cupboards. I was just going to go down selco and get a suite and there built in stuff is kind of freestanding rather than built in to take up the space avail 1300mm approx wall to bath.
  8. I know it’s crap quality but Bathstore.com have all that fitted stuff. And as Snots points out, it’s not going to get a lot of use!
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  10. Your a bldy genius - use them for kitchens but never for a bathroom. Normally quick on delivery, reasonable quality. The day is saved!!!

    Bldy genius u are.

    Thanks I owe u a beer etc.
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  11. I went in one of their showrooms years back - the sales bloke was such a tool I can't ever go back!
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  12. Please don’t. Everyone seems really nice on here and I’d hate for this to happen to you.

    Imagine the pain and inconvenience of chewing your own foot off. Now imagine fitting the utter Marmitee you get from bath store. Chewing your own foot off would be preferable.

    Plus their idea of off the shelf is very similar to wren kitchens, in so much as a lot of your kitchen or bathroom will turn up, just none of the bits you need to actually complete the job.
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  13. Wickes? They have stuff on the shelf.
  14. Bog in a Box :thumbsup:
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  15. As above.
    Wall units, legs and plinth.
    The only thing you will need to do is rip down the work top from 616mm to your required width:thumbsup:
    Jobs a good un.
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    I use plumbase for all that sort of stuff , quality is ok ,bathstore stuff is pretty poor quality and service
  17. Are they the same pants that you fitted a new mains socket to?

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