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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Barry Haynes, Feb 12, 2018.

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  2. Yus ov coarse :D
  3. Pah! Peanuts.
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  5. What I want is something like a 1990's car with 1990s styling without all the extra features that will break on modern cars and most definitely avoiding the Nissan Juke fugly everything style, cameras parking junk yoi only need because you cant actually see round the 12 inch multimedia screen slapped into the dash.

    All I need is a hard steel girder across the back on shock absorbers to knacker the cars that run into the back of me at 10mph about once every 10 years.
    Saw a newish Ramge Rover today and the white paint and tinted windows reminded me of a 1980s floppy disc storage box
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    I had a 1.6 ls, 1.6 laser, 2l laser, 2.8 inj special and 3.0 Ghia all mk3's. I may have had more than 1 1.6 laser :)
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  7. My brother had the 3.0 Ghia and a yellow 3.0s for 2 weeks :gnome:
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  8. Climbing wall is all dismantled and stacked up. It’s all the other shyte I’ve filled the cabin and garage up with Baz!

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