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  1. We decided to take a trip up to Moray (where we lived for about 8 years) in February to see some friends as a bit of a shakedown run before France in July. It's just under 300 miles each way, so a decent distance to travel in a day with a good blend of motorway and A/B/C roads.

    Loading up.

    Playmobil guy says "Scotland ahead!" Sun is shining, all is well...

    The troops are happy :)

    Being February, it was snowing further up!
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  2. The driver looks worried doesn't she :D


    No going back now though ;). The trip was all good actually, Propex works fine whilst driving, so toasty warm even though it was nippy outside. Well worth the road salt to get to our destination, have a few drinks and wake up to this...


    Next day we took Dorothy to see this...

    The hangar she is looking at is the RAF Lossiemouth Motor Club, where she sat for a couple of years, unloved :(:(:(:(

    An ice cream by the sea will make things better!

    Except it was freeeeeeeeeezing. We had chips instead ;)

    Then some Scottish hospitality at the Mash Tun in Aberlour :beer:

    Followed by another good sleep with the Propex for company. The return journey was in a near monsoon, but again Doro' performed flawlessly. We averaged about 25mpg travelling mostly 65-70 and it was quite windy both ways, so I'm pretty pleased with that!
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    Great trip :thumbsup:
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  4. That looks fab!
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    Lovely places up there, I was at Kinloss for 8 years and absolutely loved it.
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  6. Yes it is lovely, the seaside pics were at Hopeman, which I'm sure you know well.

    They have given Kinloss to the Army now :(, nail in the coffin was the Nimrod MRA4 fiasco :(:(:(. Shame.
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  7. brilliant pics and write up!

    Findorn Bay, from the pics Ive seen looks lovely, we want to have a Scottish road trip sometime in the coming years :)
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