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  1. What glue is used when installing new door rubbers ? The old ones looked like something along the lines of contact adhesive.
  2. Evo-Stik, but just around the check strap bits.
  3. This ^^^
    They'll be held in by the securing lip everywhere apart from the area around the checkstraps.
    Good old Evostik does the trick..

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  4. So do I glue this whole length as there is no where to push it in ? 42012D65-E14C-4D96-8592-B715A835A710.jpeg
  5. Yeap that’s the bit to glue.

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  6. Dubs

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    Yes, front edge glued, the rest not.
  7. Yep. Disconnect your checkstraps, stick them through the holes in the seal and glue it to the door front.
  8. Gah! Too late...
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  9. Blimey the doors hard to shut with that on ..
  10. Get your door fitting where you want it without the seal first. Than slam the f**k out of it to shut it. Let the seal bed in and you’ll be golden.

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  11. It will be! Needs a good slam! The warm weather will help to soften and shape the seals but it can take weeks to settle down.
  12. Had the door really good before fitting the seal, now if I don’t lift the door the top corner will hit. Pretty sure I’ve got the seal pushed all the way in
  13. Before the seal the closing edge of the door was like this , with the seal there’s hardly any gap AA4B248C-88EF-4B07-BC3D-FC5A4AE19C13.jpeg EDD2379C-4718-4931-846B-2279AA88AAA4.jpeg
  14. I am still slamming the f**k out of my doors 4 years down the line!! This time next year you will look like a lopsided Popeye! :thumbsup:
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  15. Mine took 10 years .. now perfect
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  16. :rolleyes: Only another 5 years to go until mine fit then!
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  17. I guess that’s why when I was looking for s bus most of them had no rubbers ...
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