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  1. Do any of you use door edge guards? The things that stop your paintwork chipping when you open door against a wall. If so, what? Looking for inspiration.

    1979 Super Viking, 2lt type 4, Automatic
  2. no. to ugly.
  3. Seen the ones at JK? Pretty. Chrome and very pretty. But expensive. Must be some simple rubber ones that are neither ugly or expensive.

    1979 Super Viking, 2lt type 4, Automatic
  4. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I just don’t open my door into walls.
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  5. What about a universal door "u" shaped moulding to protect the door, used to be able to get then in different colours. Quick search on ebay and this is available in red and sticks on.

    Ebay item 254339005846

    More detailed search and looos like theres a clear u shaped moulding that'll fit on the door etc but I remember in Pepboys in the USA that they had coloured door moulding to match most colours.

    Ebay item 254339007701

    Hope that helps?!

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  6. Thank you. They don't fit our buses, cos the door skin wraps ar 90 degrees..... Makes an L shape.

    1979 Super Viking, 2lt type 4, Automatic
  7. No, they aren’t. Just wrap your hand around the door as you open it, that will give you the inspiration to park further from the wall. :)
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  8. Go on Geoff, admit you have these,AND you bought them from JK

    1979 Super Viking, 2lt type 4, Automatic
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  9. Nothing on my doors Jim and I don’t buy anything from JK unless I have no other choice.
    100_0883 (Large).JPG
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  10. But that^ window scraper is from JK, one of the two LH that they sent me instead of the LH and RH that I ordered.:)
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  11. Looking very nice Geoff.

    1979 Super Viking, 2lt type 4, Automatic

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