Doogle's Resto

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  1. Doogles Resto.
    I'll start by saying thanks for all advice given on TLB - very useful.
    I bought "Doogle" in September 2014 through eBay.. The drive home was good. Then it all went downhill from there.

    Handfuls of horrible surprise's considering it was sold with a full "flying colours" MOT.

    So here is what ill be getting up to..

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


    I plan a full restoration to former glory - wish me luck.
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    Nice one Ryan, we love a new resto thread to follow :thumbsup:
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  3. Thanks @Flakey slow and steady will always win the race.
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  4. good luck with the restoration, fingers crossed it goes well!
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  6. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Some photos of when the engine was first taken off, and cleaned down to start with! And I've begins changing gaskets galore and cleaning down the block ready for a fresh lick of paint!
  7. how weird is this! this was the colour of our bus before the resto by PO and I too used to have a mk1 clipper
    see below!

    Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.33.12.png
    god i miss that mk1!! heres a picture of when they both lived together :D is your Daisy and automatic at all? Our bus is! :D
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  8. haha I really miss mine but i had too move on! it was getting the use it deserved! And no she isnt good old traditional clunking gearbox! your Bus looks mint mate! and so does the MK1!
  9. they're both going strong! unfortunately the picture of the mk1 with the bbs's was sent to me by the new owner I had the ATS classics on the other image, I wish I could have afforded the BBS's lol!

    Bus is going strong, I really miss the mk1 scene too, people, forum, were always so sound! much like on here really, both great forums, but like you say, got to move on, so whats the plans for yours then?
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  10. Excellent thread good luck with it Ryan - blimey you are getting into it! Super fast! Previous owner seems to have put lots of aftermarket gumpf on the engine eh? Looks like a nice van to start with :thumbsup:
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  11. Thanks @Stan! They have! The heat ex-changers were my edition as the previous ones had it! Twin carbs, Petronix coil and electronic ignition all editions so not to bad really! Got the push rod tube seals, Flywheel master seal and a few other bits this weekend before a final lick of engine Silver enamel! then onto the gearbox... more pics to come!

    @brucieboy Plans are really to make the key parts (engine gearbox brakes) sound. As they are what keep me on the road, make me stop and makes me go lol. Then with Easter weekend fast approaching ive booked a fortnight over then , to roll her over and work on the chasis. From visual inspection the rear chasis is what needs work but i have a half inch of gooey under seal to scrape of before i can see anymore damage! and hopefully if theres time sort out those rear bottom corners and trays. alongside an interior refurbish and installation making it lovely and Cosy so the Misses is happy. It'll then be the painstaking process of body work, i want to do as many panels myself as money is a big factor in this and it comes into my account as slowly as the camper moves.. then one day in the hopefully not to distant future a lovely respray.

    All with lots of piccys!

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  12. Stick with it :chewie:
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  13. image.jpg Lovely pushrod tube....

    Saturday update!
    Pushrod seals and new tubes = DONE
    Flywheel main seal = DONE
    Last lick of silver engine enamel = DONE
    Tapper spacings checked and Adjusted = DONE
    Oil pump gaskets replace DONE
    New rocker covers and gaskets = DONE

    GEtting exciting now it's starting to look like a clean engine again after 37years of abuse!
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  14. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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  15. And before anyon says yes those barrels do look very sad :-(
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    looks good buddy, hopefully you wont find any nasty shocks under the underseal. good luck with the resto!
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  17. Cheers @dog tgats going to be an interesting day! £££££££££!!!! :-(
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    Looks like you're steaming ahead with this. Have you done this type of refurbishment before?
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  19. I did a mini Resto on my MK1 clipper but nothing in conparison to the scale of this so it is all a huge learning experience! Hence the bombardment of questions I regularly post on here! :thumbsup: Gearbox is the next job... Engine pretty much ready to go back in! image.jpg
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  20. You are doing really well ! Puts me to shame! :thumbsup:
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