Do you have a Firetec Engine bay Extinguisher? Cool Air are stockists

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by JenW, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. So whats the expected wait now?
  2. got stock, so sson as paid, a couple of days tops. I will pm everyone next week
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  3. Nice one :thumbsup:
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  4. Hi all, I have PM'd certain people on the list as fancy bug is now on walkabout, if I have missed you I apologise but I am unsure who is still interested or not. below is what i have messaged people, please feel free to email me if you want in, we currently have 20 in stock.
  5. Hi

    Richard @coolair here, you have registered interest in a Firetec automatic fire extinguisher on the forum and as fancy-bug is on walkabout I am messaging everyone to see if they still require one.

    if you do, please email me ( with your name,address, telephone number and email address and I shall call you you to get payment details so we can ship these to you. (we have plenty of stock)
    £145 + 9.95 P+P or collect from our shop.

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  6. Thanks, Look forward to receiving it.
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  7. Have you emailed me?
  8. Spoke to you earlier and ordered
  9. :thumbsup:
  10. Are these still available and at what price now? Cheers.
  11. @bigrich Same as @Dubvan79 .. all the posts yesterday about bus fires, and more so tonight noticing my breather pipes are not correctly piped currently is starting to unsettle me!
  12. @bigrich are you still doing these at the TLB price for us?
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  13. I would be interested in one of these if still available at those prices?
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  14. I'd definitely be interested this time! :thumbsup:
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  16. @Dubvan79 @Spacecowboyuk @geordieandy @Lardy. Just spoken to Cool Air and they have the following

    Supression system (£207.50) Part Number AC999E1040FT
    Fire Extinguisher And Carbon Monoxide Alarm Bundle Kit...(£214.50) Part number BK30424

    After chatting to them, they would normally apply a 5-10% discount on items (dependent what they are) for Late Bay users; this would not apply to the bundle kit as they are not making that much on that as it standard...

    The current discount rate can be applied to just the Supression system..they currently have 8 on the shelf so if we can get another three users who are interested it is likely that a better discount can be applied.

    We agreed to give it the weekend and then see if we have eight and they will take it from there...Sadly at the moment, its not looking at anything like the discount before,

    So interested parties currently are....


    Just for a ball park idea, can you post how much you are willing to go to, then it will help chat to Air Cool on Monday...

    Cheers for this, hope your weekend is a good one....
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  17. Hi I'm at the last TLB price for it. If they wish to better it still I'm not gunna say no
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  18. Anything happen on this order. I am keen to get one ..... Got a long trip coming up
  19. Sadly no, with such low interest the best I could manage was the standard %off that a regular TLB poster will get.. Sadly the £145 price is a distant memory :-(

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