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  1. Hi bought a project engine at the weekend to rebuild slowly over time. It was "running when taken out 4 years ago" from a beetle. (Don't think it was!)
    Anyway the dizzy is numbered different to my original one so rather than spend to much time on it I thought best to check it was suitable for 1600tp
    Has no play in shaft (probably full of crud) so hoping good?

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  3. Save me some time thanks for that, when he said it was running I ignored him!

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  4. 113 905 205AL is an SVDA from a 1300 or a 1600 Beetle or a 1600 bus.. in about 1971..
    Actually correct, but the vacuum canister does not match as its off a DVDA. Which would be code AJ ..

    This is the Beetle section of the VW manual ...

    I use a 205AL code distributor on my bus ..

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  5. Thanks....mystery trail luckyI don't need for a sometime ha ha

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  6. Looking at the No on my pic I thought it was AJ so could be right for that engine. 1600tp AD engine code, from a beetle.

    The bosch number matched for 1600 bettle too.

    Next question what's the difference between a bettle dizzy and a bay? Timing curve to adapt to extra weight lower gearing of a bay?
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  7. VW seemed to change distributors about once a week. The difference I’d expect to be mainly in the mechanical timing advance, but you could argue it’s not going to make much difference on a low-revving engine that only makes 50hp.
  8. Yeah, the more I look the more different ones there seems to be!

    I take it the beetle and bay motor is interchangeable? Just tinware

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  9. One difference I can think of is a Beetle motor may not have the mounting points for the engine backbar on a Bay.
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  10. Oh..... may have to look at that thanks for heads up

    Found they do an adapter kit for engine mounting.
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  11. They do exist, but they’re not ideal. Needs a bit of drilling and tapping to fit.
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  12. As long as can be done, or be selling bettle engine ha ha

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  13. From that manual, the distributor code and its curve was identical for T1 and T2 in 1971. The DVDA is a USA "genuine OG VW emissions cheat".
    Just dont use the second retard hose block off at carburettor end and leave open on the spigot facing the distributor body. Then it can be timed to 7.5 degrees...
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  14. Great thanks for advice, i did wonder about having duel ports.

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