Dimension from top of panel to the inner wheel arch

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Nicolasticity, May 4, 2018.

  1. IMG_1392.JPG I measure 635mm forward and 627mm rearward as the dimension form the top of the rear LHS panel and the underside face of a new inner wheel arch panel.

    I realise it needs to be parallel but what dimension should I finish with?
  2. Can't help, mines rotten.
  3. Can you not use a new LH battery tray clamped in place flush to the D pillar and level to the chassis as reference?
  4. Not sure I understand - is the tray, and van floor and wheel arch at the same height - my references are lost because of the rot.
  5. Ah, then the battery tray alone is not going to help you. It finishes flush with the rear D pillar and level with the top of the rear chassis.
  6. With the rear panel and wing attached I get a measurement of 1350 from below the roof gutter to the bottom of the rear outer wing. I have also leveled the inner wing to 630 and maybe it could go down to 635/640 to better match the rear corner. This shown as follows; IMG_1404.JPG IMG_1405.JPG
  7. Went out and found a bay van and realised I'm asking the wrong question. Dimension I want is the finished article so I have compiled the following. VW dims1.gif
    So my new question is - Are these dimensions correct? Van was an unmodified unrestored. 1380 was true across van.

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