Different belly pans?

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  1. i was feeling rather chuffed when I found a belly pan. I’ve had it powder coated and thought it’d be ace to protect the BA6 petrol heater that I’ve installed to keep the family warm. BUT I’m having problems! I’m guessing Vw in their infinite wisdom must have changed them over the years..

    So is this an early one?
    I’m guessing it’s not the right one for my van cos it’s fouling on the outriggers and the eberspacher and I can’t seem to mount the heater any higher. Any ideas please?
  2. That looks very much like my late one.
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    Which way are you fitting it, I had a belly pan and ba6 on mine
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  4. It only seems to go one way as one end splays out to follow the chassis. At the front the strengthening bit of metal on the outriggers foul and also on the combustion fan on the BA6. Of course my bus didn’t have a BA6 from the factory so I could well of mounted the heater too low? Also it’s pretty clear my bus has never been welded it’s a ‘78...
  5. Just a quick thought! How does it attach? I was guessing it bolts on and I’d have to drill matching holes though my chassis. Is this right or are there special specific magic fixings that I’m yet to discover!!
  6. They were welded on I think. Most people use rivnuts and bolts to refit for ease of removal/chassis inspection.
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    This is bolted, the front and rear bolt to the cross members the sides to the chassis rails , how low is your heater ?
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  8. I don’t think it is low and if I could raise it, it would only be by a small amount. I’ve replicated the factory fixings and I’d be up against the top hats if I lift it any more. I’ll take a picture next time I’m up the workshop but from memory it only just protrudes below the chassis rails.
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  9. Don’t know if these pics will help but it’s a OG mounted ba6 on my 78



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  10. The centre tray was bolted with M8 bolts, the side ones where welded. You have the dished part downwards?
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  11. Yes, it does look quite straightforward to fit but it’s looking like it’s the heater that’s too low. I’ll have to try and raise it a bit more!
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  12. Brilliant pictures @Andy76 they really help. Have you a pic of the belly pan please. Out of interest where does the second outlet off the distributor box go? It looks like it’s going up through the floor. Are you going to restore the heater?
  13. You can see the captive nuts on Andy 76 pictures on the frame for the belly pan .
  14. I’m at the moment in Florida on vacation so I don’t have access to my bus. I had dose pics in my phone. I can take some detailed pics when I come home on Friday/ Saturday.
    Yes I’m going to restore the heater and mount it when I have fixed up the rest of the belly on the bus.

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