Dick Emery

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  1. was one of the best shows of the 70s
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  2. Ooooow you are awful but I like you
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  3. i loved that very funny
  4. My mates mum looked like the woman he played in the show, we used to call her Dick Emery poor woman obviously we didn’t tell her, one day we were all around my mates she actually said , “ oh you are awful” to one of my mates, we fell about the place laughing and laughed about it for years,
    True story:p
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  5. Brilliant

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  6. His sketch as father and son skinheads was great.

    "Dad, I think I got it wrong again"
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  7. Was the son our Barry ..:D
    @Barry Haynes
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    Dick Emery is that a mechanic thing?

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