Devon? Underslung water tank info

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  1. I've got myself an underslung water tank to give me the option of transporting a larger quantity of water for wild camping in Scandinavia.

    I have heard different things about them being Westy or Devon accessories, so I'm not sure on this. Mine looks identical to the one in the image below. If anyone has/had one fitted I would be interested in the routing of the filler neck (I think it goes to the area adjacent to the driver seatbelt mount). And any info on what all the outlets are for would be great (I presume at least one is a breather). There doesn't seem to be much info on these tanks online.

    Lastly, if anyone has a filler neck they don't need please could they get in touch as I currently have the tank only.

    photo-129.jpg photo-131.jpg
  2. I’m pretty sure it’s from a Devon and the filler did go behind the front seat
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  3. That is a Devon tank and holder.

    Left outlet is the breather, I'll need to double check but I think it's outlet then the bigger 26mm one is the inlet.

    The filler mounts behind the passenger seat by the seat belt mount.

    Not too long ago someone on here was selling a Devon filler.
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  4. "tis indeed a Devon. As above, the filler mounts to the bulkhead behind the passenger seat with three screws. From memory, the hose (1" ID) goes down through the seat pedestal and under the van.

    I have one of the grey/chrome fillers in almost perfect nick. £12 posted? Let me know if you're interested.
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  5. Thanks all, great info. @snotty you have PM.

    @Iain McAvoy do you have the tank in your bus? Any chance of a photo of the mounting position of the filler neck and associated hole so I can put them vaguely in the "correct" place?

    One more thing (for now!). I have seen these tanks variously described as fresh and grey water tanks. I have always assumed that they were fresh water tanks due to the filler. Are most people plumbing them into their sinks for washing/drinking water as I plan to do?
  6. Just for info:


    a devo filler 6s.jpg

    Mounting holes

    a devon filler holes 6s.jpg
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  7. This is what would now be called a fresh water tank, don't plumb your grey water in to it!
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  8. Or the yellow water :eek:
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  9. Brown water? Day after the kebab before.
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  10. Iain. Ref the outlet, what kind of pump do you have to draw water from the tank?
  11. @snotty I presume you've removed your tank etc but do you know what kind of pump was fitted to draw water from the tank outlet? It's a pretty small diameter.

    I was thinking an inline electric pump with a small diameter tube poked in to sit below the water level should work.
  12. No idea, as my tank was missing when I got the van. Did you receive the filler?
  13. Yes its spot on, thanks :thumbsup:
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  14. I’d think any basic inline water pump would do the job. Seem to recall my Devon had a pushbutton for it.
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