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  1. Please could anyone post up some pictures of their Devon pop top as we are a little confused about ours. We have a 1972 RHD Bay, when we bought it we were told the canvas had been removed, which was ok because we wanted to do our own colour theme, however the poptop is bolted down on all four corners which seems a bit odd. The roof leaks and clearly will need attention and new rubbers which is fine but would just like to see some pictures of what it should look like please. Also if anyone uses the bunks in theirs would love to see how they fix up. Thanks in advance for any help. Camper poptop corners.jpg
  2. They must have fitted those brackets ? prob because of leak ? Can’t see why though . Can you not undo nuts and see if it goes up ?
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  3. Here’s mine 276F167F-B235-4D9D-9FF1-A16AFF65210C.jpeg
  4. You need the bracket like the one in the middle for the bunk frames to fix too both rear and front bulkheads , I don’t use my bunks they won’t take anyone very big and you could fall out if not careful :D
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  5. photostudio_1534615844678.jpg
    I Have a cheaper set of bellows but the original bunks. they fold out and hook on to hooks at each end of the hole in the roof.
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  6. Hi Barneyrubble, yes it's possible to undo the bolts and push the top up, however the canvas is not currently attached and the roof seems very unstable. Does the canvas hold it in place or is there a locking mechanism maybe?
  7. Hi Drama Man, yes we have the flat sided canvas, as yet need to work out how to re-attach it. We don't have the hook in the middle for the bunks and Barneyrubble is probably right that they are not very safe! lol
  8. Thanks for your help guys, have either of you taken the roof apart to replace the rubber seals?
  9. Has it got the springs in the pop top tubes ? These need setting up , I fitted a new Devon roof cap from just kampers , they sell the rubbers and the springs if needed , it will lock up once set up correctly , you will have to make sure your canvas if your not using bellows fits ok , if you ask @1973daisey nicely he may give you some tips on that also you can refurb the original Ali roof and lag it to help insulation and keeping both warm and cool, his resto thread may show this although his roof is not same size, you may need to compare what you have , ie are the original brackets their that hold the roof to the side cross bars ? Pics of yours dismantled will help . And if you look for how to restore original roof on here or net . Have a look and hopefully si will have some pics you can see :thumbsup:
  10. Someone has already written a guide for you
  11. you can buy the rubber seals from woolies trims.... cheaper than a kit and just the same as long as you get the right profile.

    I also fitted a JK roof cap as mine was leaky saggy and just too much work to mess about with. I didn't refit the skylight in the end and so far there's only being the odd occasion where i felt it needed the extra ventilation.

    The springs in the struts hold it upright (I fitted the uprated springs for the extra weight of the cap), that said though it stays upright it can rock a bit when up but nothing to worry about :cool:

    The bellows are fixed by a metal strips and screws around the base and the underside of the top... you'll probably see the holes where these were.
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  12. And this lady has the original bunk frames in lovely condition for sale too :thumbsup:
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  13. but they look like they're covered with the roof lining vinyl......:thinking: and there doesn't seem to be any holes for the bunk brackets... so either a complete relining of the roof or a different set-up for bunks??
  14. :thumbsup: but someone has already asked about them.... so possibly not for much longer.... maybe:confused:
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  15. Yeh he doesn’t have brackets , they prob took them off whe they fixed roof down as didn’t use them ?
  16. that's what makes me think those corners were mayb for something else before.... why not just use the toggle clips to hold the roof down?
  17. I think they have been retro fitted ?
  18. Or they have cut the original roof bracket ?
  19. oh yeah.... need to look at my roof, i'm not sure now. you'd think i'd know it by now :D
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  20. I forget things but I have excuse :D

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