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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Piratedave, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Has anyone got any pictures of the brackets I’m missing that secures the spare wheel holder to the rear on the body just under boot lid. I’m missing them and my spare wheel is wobbling into and now dented engine lid. Can’t find a pic or anything just to even copy and make anything! See pic for location on what I’m trying to describe [​IMG]

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  2. 057623DF-4E09-4F46-B20D-D09041CA9CCE.jpeg
  3. Ere! I haven’t got one of those! Had to ruin the front of my van to put the wheel there. Sigh.
  4. Google tail gate antiluce fasteners. Lots there.
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  5. Never heard of them! Thanks ...
  6. Learn something every day.
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  7. My mates got a aunt Lucy
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  8. Antiluce word of the week

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  9. Should it not be Antisluce ?

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  10. Still can’t work out how the antiluce fasteners work! What attatches between the fastener and the spare wheel bracket??. Pulling my hair out as no one seems to know
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    I’ll take pics of Congis tomorrow
  12. The fasteners have a rubber block between them and the van if memory serves me correctly
  13. This any good

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    Congis landmark is a different style altogether
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    I could have told you that! :D
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    Fnar fnar
  17. Great pics are they welded onto the spare wheel bracket

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