FOR SALE Devon moonraker fold down rear wheel carrier

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  1. Hi peeps,

    As my spare is located onto the front of my bus, this is now surplus to requirements.

    It’s in my garage and quite dirty/dusty, will take pics of it when I can get into said garage and clear all our ol toot off it.

    But her is a pic for reference (same as “In over my head”)

    Looking for £50 cash on collection or if there is someone to pick up ala TLB courier?!

  2. Where are you based ?
  3. Hi in in Bexley Kent
  4. Your not going to techenders are you?
  5. Sorry buddy I’m not, but don’t know if you want to see who is going to techenders and ask someone if they’d kindly take it there?
  6. Hi,

    Here actual pics of the genuine moonraker rear tyre fold down rack.

    Thanks Julian [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  7. Here are some photos of how the Devon moonraker rear tyre rack looks when fitted...

    FEAAD8E0-2067-4429-889B-CAA8A15B05D4.jpeg E1F03C9A-2846-4DEF-A572-9E42D97FA5FC.jpeg 95215F7B-2367-4D30-929C-CC46EC25BEBA.jpeg


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