dellorto carbs

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  1. Hi Everyone
    I'm thinking of fitting a twincarb set up and have been offered some recon Dellorto DRLA 36mm .
    The engine is Type 1 1641cc pretty standard, is this a good choice?
  2. Yes, absolutely, if the carbs are in good shape.
  3. One of the best carb set ups there are .... you will need to factor in Main Jets ,idle jets chokes ,manifolds ,linkage ,filters etc depending on what comes with ,
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  4. Thanks
    Sounds like I'll go for them. They are jetted for 1641cc and I can also have a CB performance kit with linkages, manifolds etc
  5. Take them to bits and give them a good scrub. You’ll need to check the jetting. I’d go for the CSP centremount linkage rather than the CB one.
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  6. I have the CSP linkage on the Bug and I can't recommend it highly enough, but I noticed on one of the vans at Techenders that the cross linkage fouled the fan heater tube outlet on the right hand side. I hadn't seen this before as my Bug doesn't have heaters.

    Might be worthwhile checking this won't happen on yours before spending your hard earned.
  7. Might be the shape of the manifolds used. Mine clears both fan shroud outlets - just. Sure CSP thought of it.

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