Damaged dissy drive gear on crankshaft

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by nobayinhell, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Split my 1600 case and the brass distributor drive gear on the crankshaft has some damage. Does anyone have any tips for removing and replacing these? I see theres a special puller but don't really want to buy the tool for a one off job.

    There is no obvious damage to the dissy drive shaft/gear so I was planning not to replace this. Good idea/bad idea? :thinking:
  2. davidoft

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    If it’s being replaced, split it with a chisel , no need to replace the dizzy drive
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  3. ^This.
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  4. I did get a 3 leg puller under mine but the puller chews the brass ..needed a bit of filing of the tips of three teeth when I was making one engine out of two.
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  5. Ive used a 3 leg puller a few times, just dont bugger up the end of the crank.
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  6. I used a blow torch to heat it up then a glove
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  7. Did this work to get the new one on too?
  8. Yes but you need to be quick and don’t heat too much
  9. In the oven, gas mark 6 for ten minutes...
  10. What if it gets a soggy bottom?
  11. Put it on greaseproof paper. Serve with fromage frais :thumbsup:

    Seriously, heat the gear for a while in the oven, then get your Big Gloves on.

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