Daisy's doing a triathlon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1973daisey, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Do we get a discount now?????? :p
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  2. Today Iv done 22k bike and then after work I had a little hour leasson with a pals wife "S##T" it's bloody hard swimming i got 15m and I was out of breath after some tips and pointers (women shouting at me) I managed front crawl a length and a half but I can do about 10/15 breast stoke so gonna really hit the swimming Avery morning before work for a few weeks do folk do it breast stroke don't care on time I just wanna complete it and not drown

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  3. Yeah Iv been doing 5k runs at least once a week recently done a park run 5k on sat and 5k on Monday all good , thank u for ur donation I'm blown away with the support already (kinda makes u train harder it's strange )

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  4. Cheers mate

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  5. Iv just been swimming I can just about do a length front crawl

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  6. I'll do it twice

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  7. Lots do breast stroke don't worry... Does take a few weeks to get going on front crawl..
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  8. I'm panicking under water but I'll report back next week my road bike should be here in the next week or so

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  9. Holding your breath makes you panic... Its an automatic thing...if you can try to make sure you're blowing bubbles while your face is in the water, it let's you breath in a bit more calmly when your face is out of the water...
    And well need bike pictures...
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  10. Yes should be here later this week using a friend courier

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  11. I've never done a Tri but have done Great North Swim a few times. You get the usual mix, same as at Park Run, of the ultra competitive ones, and the likes of me who just enjoy plodding round :thumbsup:
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  12. Merlin Cat

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    A friend of mine did a triathlon and although a good swimmer got a bit landed on at the beginning. She did another one but didn’t try to get to the front the next time, may be an idea if you’re not a good swimmer?
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  13. I'll start at the back so no pressure then just wanna complete the course I'll do it I know I will just want to do it and put a good effort in

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  14. Your putting a good effort in mate, much better than the one I am not doing :)
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  15. Like I said mate , get something to hold onto ,even a nice fit life guard :) Or float ta hold and then put your face in , you will then feel safe and won’t panic , it’s what I used to do with all my beginners , if you panic you will waist oxygen and you will breathe at wrong time , you need to get your confidence and relax . Wish I was up your way I’d train you up and get you through it . If you feel ok and confident with dog paddle ,do that then gradually dip you face in when your doing it . Like doing your bus only breathe out underwater ............................. and in when your mouth is not under :thumbsup:. Just try not to stress n do too much too quick , getting fit helps . Swimming is all about relaxing and breathing right . And also slacken your mankini off a couple of notches too:D
  16. Shall try this in the morning before work

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  17. i could sew some floats into his mankini, would that help? :D
  18. Bugger it I'm gonna wear arm bands

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  19. got to be some comedy ones!
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  20. Perhaps he could get you to do that at te whilst modelling so you can get floats positioned correctly , more bum lift etc :D
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