Daisy's doing a triathlon

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  1. No worries. Just let us know. I can ask Ermintrude to bring it to TE if so. I won't be using it for a while so it's a long term borrow. Get a silicon swim cap too. Keeps ya head warmer than latex. I'll donate next week but moving house so up to my eyeballs with that.
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  2. Has he done it yet?
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  3. Flakey

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    That sounds a bit heavy on the swim for my liking , good luck :thumbsup:
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  4. Cheers jack thank u

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  5. Only thing I can't do is swim I'm a good doggy paddle but when I go swimming the life quarts normally jump in

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  6. Taken from the Blenheim palace Tri website

    Less to worry about on the swim mate[​IMG]
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  7. The wet suit will keep you buoyant. As far as swim stroke, if you can learn to front crawl with side breathing, it will open up a whole new world to you. Breathing both sides is best but just one side breathing will do. You will need to get some open water practice in before you do the real thing, should be somewhere near you does that. Check the outdoor swim groups on FB. They will know of lakes you can practice in without having to pay. There are triathlon clubs but you will have to pay. By the way, plenty of open water swimmers do breast stroke too, although I find that really difficult in a wet suit. Oh, and another tip, get some Ultraglide or similar for your neck or the wet suit will rub your skin off big time. Ask me how I know :D
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  8. Will pop something in the post Si.
    All the best and good luck.:thumbsup:
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  9. I fort it was more than that

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  10. My mate runs racehub in sixhills near Melton mowbray you can hire proper try wetsuits from there. There's probably a place closer to you aswell
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  11. Standard length for a sprint tri
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  12. Thank u nick

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  13. Good luck Si, I will be making a donation either via the link or at T/E:thumbsup:
    With regards the swimming, as said above it's very different swimming in open lake water to a nice swimming pool and having a practice is a good idea.
    Try to find a local Tri-club or open water swimming group to help you, DON'T go on your own or with just a mate especially as your not a particularly confident swimmer.
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  14. :hattip:
  15. Just checked. It’s Bodyglide you need. Not Ultraglide....which is summat altogether different I’ve just found out :eek:
  16. If you need swimming lessons I might be able to assist, at school I got my 10, 15 and 25 yard certificates , and I got my bronze survival award
  17. Done. Are you sure your ankle is ready for a 6k run?
    Do you need backup from @Sick Boy and his ambulance van?
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  18. Dazza

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    I’ll give you my donation at techenders Simon .. have you got a vial to keep it in?
  19. If you really want to show off in the lake do butterfly with water mouth squirts :D:thumbsup:
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