DAB radio: aerial splitter

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scrooge95, Aug 28, 2019.

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    Oh yeah, how did I forget! :D
  2. My car has Dab with a screen mounted stick on aerial thing.

    My bus has Dab with a converter type thing connected to old school radio.

    The bus aerial set up is no better than the car one, but cost loads more than the stick on type.

    Both give good coverage in most places.
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  3. The guys who do DAB conversions for us use a small windscreen aerial which gives good reception & we don’t get many complaints.
    Even on new Mercedes with factory DAB we get complaints of signal loss. Its more to do with where you are and the strength of the signal.
    Bit like mobile phone reception, can be a bit iffy.
    If I decide to put DAB in the van I recon I will go for a stick on screen aerial.
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  4. Get it and the Radio, bring it all over in Clem and I'll help you fit it, if you can get it by this weekend we're about.
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  5. I thought dab+ was being used here, my car has an old factory fit dab and loses signal but my new dab+ I put in my van hardly ever drops out?
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  6. Just drove to Alnwick and back with good reception. Lots more stations.
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  7. Cars with factory fitted DAB work well, you'd never go back to analogue after having decent DAB.

    But they invest decent money on decent kit and set-up. I don't know anyone thats retro fitted DAB that can honestly say they don't get problems, especially windscreen mounted aerials.
  8. Get a proper DAB aerial Sarah and drill another couple of holes in your shiny front panel:D
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  9. I don’t!

    Windscreen mounted dab aerial
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  10. and I haven’t yet, touch wood.
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  11. But do you drive as frequently and as far geographically as you would in car witb factory fitted DAB? The only place I regularly lose DAB in my car is on the M4 past Membury services, I assume it's because of the two tall transmitter masts?
  12. This is what I do, I've got 100GB of data allowance though.

    Generally good, but even 4g drops occasionally.
  13. Do you remember how long it took me to drill the two for the FM aerial??! :)
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  14. I'm not looking forward to a time I decide to fit an aerial, drilling my new front panel won't be fun.
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  15. I have video!! :)
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  16. I drive from londinivm to Keith’s field and techenders in Lutterworth with no bother. Also just around ‘town’.
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  17. Just when you get further north the bother starts init o_O
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  18. We like to keep the soft southerners on their toes :)
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